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Vlexx Of KushBoii

Vlexx (shot by @yourfriendlydarklorde)

A 19 year old rapper and professional stoner from Johannesburg by the name of Vlexx recently released his ep I.R.H.A, I Really Hate Alcohol.

This unique sound had me amazed 

never have i heard something like this.

Knowing him personally I know the potential he has and I know for a fact he is going to be big someday soon.

I ran into him earlier while I was having a cigaratte, He was on his way to the studio so you can expect some more crazy shit coming.

As for his music videos and performing we haven't seen much yet but without doubt some big stuff is going to be here very soon.

He is still independent but I don't think its going to be like that for long seeing where his music is going.